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The CFA is a global and collaborative network of volunteer members, who take part in CFA''''s Working Groups (WG), Task Forces (TF), Executive Committee (ExCo) and Secretariat. The network’s mission is to promote sustainable financing for biodiversity conservation worldwide. For more information, check the CFA Charter

CFA membership is open to individuals and institutions interested in sustainable finance for conservation, or in specific themes addressed by the WGs and TFs. Members benefit from updated information and a wide network of experts.

Once you join the CFA, you may choose to participate in one of the three Working Groups: Environmental Funds, Innovative Finance and Protected Areas Financing. These groups promote debates and studies, and are channel for direct exchange between members through the group mailing list.

You may also join one of the CFA Task Forces, which are specific for a single project, study or tool. TFs are smaller groups of voluntary members who wish to actively participate in specific initiatives to ensure high quality standards and ownership.

CFA members also engage in monthly thematic webinars, presented by experts and chaired by a leading CFA member. Invitations are sent every month via e-mail and members connect via telephone or VoIP (internet). All CFA members can present an innovative initiative in the webinars, subject to approval. If you are interested in participating or presenting, don’t hesitate to contact the Secretariat.

The Executive Committee is the network’s governing body, composed of five representatives from the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature, the Arguin Bank International Foundation, the UBS Arbor Group and the Convention of Biological Diversity Secretariat. They are in charge of strategic planning, supervision of operations and fundraising.

The CFA Secretariat is currently hosted by Funbio – the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund. The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the CFA and liaises with the whole CFA membership on a regular basis; coordinates CFA internal procedures and resources; develops CFA communications products and provides logistical support for CFA meetings, webinars and events.


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