Conservation Finance Portal


The content on this site has been developed by the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA). The CFA is a collaborative effort to promote sufficient and sustainable funding for biodiversity conservation worldwide.


The CFA was formed in 2002 with the following Statement of Purpose:    "We will accelerate the delivery of conservation finance solutions by collaborating in areas where working together is more effective than working alone".


Conservation Finance Alliance Program of Action:


1. Informing and engaging key constituencies

  • As part of a Conservation Finance Communications Strategy, craft messages and materials articulating the importance of sustainable conservation finance mechanisms, and highlighting success stories
  • Present these messages and materials directly to government decision-makers, donors, and other constituencies at targeted events (e.g., Biodiversity Convention meetings, GEF Participants Assembly, IUCN World Parks Congress)

2. Training and technical assistance

  • Develop and refine training tools, including the CD-ROM Training Guide to Conservation Finance Mechanisms and customized tools based on the content of the Guide
  • Provide targeted trainings to government officials, NGOs, and others.
  • Provide targeted joint technical assistance

3. Mobilizing financial resources

  • As a first necessary step, map conservation funding supply and demand, and correlate demand with execution capacity
  • Consider and possibly establish Seed Funds for catalyzing new conservation finance mechanisms (e.g., support for feasibility studies)


This site is maintained by the conservation finance and policy department of The Nature Conservancy, a CFA member organization.


Technical web site solutions and initial work has been funded through the Sustainable Alternatives Network (SANet).


This site is a work in progress and is being continuously updated. A CD-ROM version of the Guide based on content found on this web site will be produced by the CFA and distributed at the Vth World Parks Congress in September 2003. The most recent versions of all material can be found on this web site. CD versions of this web site will be periodically produced by the CFA.


The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of CFA member organizations.