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Annex 3. Sample Format for a PDF-B Cover Page


1. Country:

2. Focal Area:

3. Operational Programme:

4. Project Title:

5. Total Cost:

6. PDF Request:

7. In-kind contributions:

8. Requesting Agency:

9. Executing Agency:

Block: PDF Block B

10. Duration:


11. Project objective:

12. Global significance:

13. Background:

14. Project description: including implementation arrangements

15. Description of proposed PDF activities

16. PDF Block B Outputs:

17. Eligibility

18. National level support

19. Justification

Global benefits

20. Timetable




Estimated Cost: US$


Annex 4. Sample Format for a PDF-B Request (UNEP)


Project Title:

Focal Area:

Requesting Agency:

Executing Agency:

Total Project Cost:

PDF Block B Funding Request:

PDF Co-Funding:

Block A Grant Awarded:


Summary Project Objectives and Description

Description of PDF Activities


National Level Support

Outputs of the PDF

Special Features - Aspects of the analysis for particular attention

Items to be Financed

Cost Table

ITEM / Activity







Annex 5. Sample Format for a Full-Project Project Brief

Box 8. Sample UNDP Template for a Full-Project Project Brief

Country Ownership

a) Country Eligibility

State date of ratification of relevant convention, if applicable, and: "[Country] is eligible for technical assistance from UNDP.

b) Country Drivenness

Clear description of project's fit within:

National reports/communications to Conventions

National or sector development plans

Recommendations of appropriate regional intergovernmental meetings or agreements.

c) Endorsement

State: "The project has been endorsed by the GEF Operational Focal Point in a letter dated [insert date] - see Annex 2 B."

Program Policy Conformity

Program Designation Conformity

Describe how project objectives are consistent with Operational Program objectives or operational criteria.

Project Design


Sector issues, root causes, threats, barriers, etc, affecting global environment [note: institutional and legal context included here and (for BD projects) explanation of global significance].

Project logical framework, including a consistent strategy, goals, objectives, outputs, inputs/activities, measurable performance indicators, risks and assumptions.

Detailed description of goals, objectives, outputs, and related assumptions, risks and performance indicators.

Brief description of proposed project activities, including an explanation how the activities would result in project outputs (in no more than 2 pages).

Global environmental benefits of project.

Incremental Cost Estimation based on the project logical framework.

Describe project outputs(and related activities and costs) that result in global environmental benefits

Describe project outputs (and related activities and costs) that result in joint global and national environmental benefits.

Describe project outputs (and related activities and costs) that result in national environmental benefits.

Describe the process used to jointly estimate incremental cost with in-country project partner.

Present the incremental cost estimate. If presented as a range, then a brief explanation of challenges and constraints and how these would be addressed by the time of CEO endorsement.

Sustainability (including financial sustainability)

Describe proposed approach, within and/or outside the project, to address factors that influence continuation of project benefits after completion of project implementation.


Describe the proposed approach to knowledge transfer, if any (for e.g., dissemination of lessons, training workshops, information exchange, national and regional forum, etc) (could be within project description).

Stakeholder Involvement

Describe how stakeholders have been involved in project development.

Describe the approach for stakeholder involvement in further project development and implementation.

Monitoring Evaluation

Describe how the project design has incorporated lessons from similar projects in the past.

Describe approach for project ME system, based on the project logical framework, including the following elements:

Specification of indicators for objectives and outputs, including intermediate benchmarks, and means of measurement.

Outline organizational arrangement for implementing ME.

Indicative total cost of ME (maybe reflected in total project cost).

Detailed budget

Final organizational arrangements for implementing ME

Specification of indicators for project activities, including intermediate benchmarks, and means of measurement


Financing Plan

3 a i Finalize project cost, including:

Detailed costing by activity and sub-activity

Financial plan with timing of disbursements

3 a ii Finalize financing plan, including confirmation of commitments by co-financiers - provide supporting documentation.


Estimate cost effectiveness, if feasible.

Describe alternate project approaches considered and discarded.

Institutional Coordination Support

Core commitments Linkages

Describe how the proposed project is located within the IA's:

Country/regional/global/sector programs.

GEF activities with potential influence on the proposed project (design and implementation).

Consultation, Coordination and Collaboration between IAs, and IAs and EAs, if appropriate.

Describe how the proposed project relates to activities of other IAs (and relevant EAs) in the country/region.

Describe planned/agreed coordination, collaboration between IAs in project implementation.

5. Response to Reviews

a) Council

Respond to Council Comments at pipeline entry.

Respond to Council comments at work program inclusion.

b) Convention Secretariat

Respond to comments from Convention Secretariats

c) GEF Secretariat

Respond to comments from GEFSEC on draft project brief.

Respond to comments from GEFSEC at work program inclusion

d) Other IAs and relevant EAs

Respond to comments from other IAs, relevant EAs on draft project brief.


Respond to comments by STAP at work program inclusion

f) Review by expert from STAP Roster

Respond to review by expert from STAP roster.

Respond to review by expert from STAP roster at workprogram inclusion


LogFrame Matrix

Endorsement Letter

STAP review

Response to STAP review

Public Participation Strategy

Response to GEFSEC and Council comments at work program inclusion.


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