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African Development Bank

African Parks Network



Association for Community Transformation (ACT)

ACT is a developmental and advocacy NGO. It has been working with marginalized and oppressed segments of Pakistani society since 2010. It is operational in Pakistan. It has special focus on the development and advocacy of the following communities. Such as, Domestic violence, health of vulnerable children and women, organizing community of rights and participatory development. It came into existence in 2009. It believes in the following values: Harmony, Opportunity for all, Peace and Equality.


BirdLife International

BNP Paribas Wealth Management

Business and Biodiversity Offset Programme (BBOP)

California State Coastal Conservancy

Carbone Guinée

Carbonfund.org Foundation, Inc.


CBD LifeWeb Initiative

CBD Protected Areas

Center Zapovedniks

Central Oregon Community College

Christian Association for Integral Development of Communities in Togo (ACDIC)

ACDIC aims to promote community development through voluntary humanitarian action. The institution goals are: Promoting community development ; Promoting the fingers of children and women by taking charge of children and women in training AGR, agriculture and livestock for food self-sufficiency ; and protecting the environment.



Coastal Zone Management UK

Colorado State University - Center for Protected Area Management and Training

Columbia Research Corporation


Conservation Capital

Conservation Capital

Conservation Finance Network

Conservation International

Conservation Philanthropy Facility

Conservation Strategy Fund

Conservation Strategy Fund

Costa Rica por Siempre

Credit Suisse

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

DB Advisors

Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation of Nepal

Department of the Environment of Iran

Department of Wood Technology and Dendrochronology - Gabriel René Moreno University

Dinámica Financiera

Direccion de Recursos Naturales Renovables de Mendoza

Direction Nationale des Eaux et Forêts de Mali

Drumm Consulting


Emerald Bay Wealth Management

Emergent Intelligence Solutions

Endangered Wildlife Trust

F.L.O.W. Collaborative


Fondo para la Acción Ambiental y la Niñez

Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning (FERAL)

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