CFA revitalized to gather the conservation finance community

Monday, Apr 5 2010

The Conservation Finance Alliance is pleased to launch its new website as part of the effort of revitalizing the network. The CFA members can now count on a brand new virtual space for interacting and exchanging contents about mechanisms that can deliver sufficient and sustainable funding for biodiversity conservation worldwide.

Thanks to a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the CFA restructuring process has been started in 2009, with the nomination of Funbio – the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund - to host the network’s Secretariat. Additionally to the new website, the network governance, charter, and membership are also under revision.
For this moment, the network counts on the successful Environmental Funds Working Group, which has been focused, during the last three years, on the development and enhancement of those institutions as a mechanism for conservation finance; and two new working groups: the Protected Areas Financing Working Group, which is going to advance global thinking and planning for sustainable financing of protected area systems and the Innovative Finance Working Group, dedicated to the research and application of non-traditional financing mechanisms to meet conservation objectives.
The next step is to regularize the CFA membership, in order to track the topics of most interest of participants and make the collaborative activities of the network more effective.

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CFA revitalized to gather the conservation finance community
Monday, Apr 5 2010


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