The Conservation Finance Pavilion: Our meeting point in Sydney 2014!

Wednesday, Dec 3 2014

The CFA Pavilion was open from 7:00 a.m. to 9.30 p.m., from November 13th until 19th, located under the Dome, at the heart of the World Parks Congress, in Sydney, Australia. It was conceived as a platform for practitioners to meet and share lessons as well as a venue to learn about conservation finance. 

With more than 20 events at the Pavilion attended by an average of 80-90 persons, the Conservation Finance Pavilion provided a pragmatic and visible platform for practitioners and interested participants on the theme. It was a venue for side meetings, one to one discussions, panels, presentations, workshops and launching events. 

The Pavilion program was organized along five main daily themes and two days were dedicated to the network activities. The five daily themes were the following:

Nov. 13 - Financial needs analysis and PA system financing (led by Andrew Bovarnick) Nov. 14 - Business and investor-driven approaches breaking new grounds (led by Ray Victurine) Nov. 15 - Small grants mechanisms effectively enabling civil society organizations to play a stronger role in conservation (led by Patricia Zurita & CEPF team) Nov. 17 - Conservation Trust Funds: mobilizing beyond traditional donors (led by Karine Barcelos, CFA Secretary) Nov. 18 - Large Initiatives encompassing various financing instruments (led by Sylvie Goyet) Nov. 19CFA Celebration Day (led by Funbio, as the CFA Secretariat)




The Pavilion counted with the support of key partners such as Fondation MAVA, Credit Suisse, Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund (CEPF), Madagascar Biodiversity Fund, FFEM, AfD, KFW, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Global Conservation Fund-CI.


Some of the participants sent us their impressions, please find them below:


“The CFA Pavilion was a trailblazer in defining the mechanisms for funding conservation activities. From the speakers and the participation, it became very clear that conservation financing is taking a critical role in conservation and you cannot be able to talk about sustainable conservation without appropriate financing.”

Edwin Wanyonyi

Head of Resource Mobilization & Partnerships, Kenya Wildlife Service (Kenya)


“The CFA Pavilion, ideally situated in the center of the dome, has fulfilled its role as a crossroad for a great diversity of conservation enthusiasts, from donors to managers, from private sector to civil society organizations. If I were allowed to express myself in French, I would say that "Nous avons parlé de fonds mais les discussions étaient aussi de fond"...Congratulations to the organization team!

Pierre Carret

Grant Director, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (The United States)


“The CFA Pavilion played a surprisingly important role at the IUCN World Parks Congress. In particular, we were pleased with the attendance of many sessions organized at the Pavilion. From our own institutional perspective, it was good to witness that the topic of private sector conservation finance has received some good traction in broader conservation discussions.”

Fabian Huwyler

Vice President -Sustainability Affairs, Credit Suisse (Switzerland)


“The CFA Pavilion at WPC Sydney 2014 was a cool venue to showcase new developments in conservation finance and to highlight the importance of joint efforts between NGOs, Conservation Funds, networks, academia and individual consultants that make part of the CFA group. FUNBIO Brasil, in charge of the CFA Executive Secretariat, did a great job.”

José Luís Gómez

RedLAC president and Executive Director, Fondo Acción (Colombia)



All CFA members can access the PPTs presented at the Pavilion sessions in the Members Only area.

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The Conservation Finance Pavilion: Our meeting point in Sydney 2014!
Wednesday, Dec 3 2014


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