Practice Standards for Conservation Trust Funds launched!

Monday, Jan 5 2015

The Practice Standards for CTFs was oficially launched at the 6th edition of IUCN World Parks Congress, in Sydney, in November 2014. The event had the participation of Yoko Watanabe (the GEF), Rosa Lemos (Funbio), José Luís Gómez (Fondo Acción/RedLAC) and Ralph Kadel (KfW) as panelists.

The publication is a result of collaborative initiative between funds and donors - led by the CFA - aimed at developing a set of concrete guidelines or norms for the management of endowment and sinking funds. It was funded by 7 institutions, namely MAVA Foundation, WWF, KfW, World Bank, Conservation International, the GEF and the Moore Foundation, and was coordinated by a Core Group, composed of some expert senior CFA members. 


The study

These voluntary Practice Standards for Conservation Trust Funds are intended to serve as a tool for improving the design, management, and monitoring and evaluation of CTF‘s. CTF‘s and their donors can decide to use, aspire to, or adapt the Practice Standards to fit their particular needs. It is hoped that they will also serve as a basis for greater harmonization of international donor rules, standards and policies for CTF‘s, resulting in lower transaction costs for CTF‘s.

The CFA hopes that this increased understanding of CTF‘s will in turn lead to its effective and efficient management and to increased donor support for CTF‘s (including support by private companies and other non-traditional donors). To this end, the Standards cover six core areas that are considered essential to the development of Conservation Trust Funds as effective institutions, as below: 

1- Governance

2- Operations

3- Administration

4- Reporting, Monitoring & Evaluation

5- Asset Management

6- Resource Mobilization


The Executive Summary and full document are available in English, Spanish and French in our CFA Library.

The Standards are also available in a wiki version. The objective in creating this version is to provide users with a tool that allows them to easily customize the content which they need to create, manage or evaluate a CTF or one of its Funds. Visit this page by clicking here or just click in green the button on the right.


Photo Credits: Valeria Dorado

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Practice Standards for Conservation Trust Funds launched!
Monday, Jan 5 2015


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