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CFA members form Working Groups (WGs) to address conservation finance issues as they arise, and their activities include carrying out workshops, research and publications, among other initiatives that contribute to the exchange of knowledge and best practices. To undertake specific projects,  WG participants also constitute dedicated committees, making it possible for the CFA to conduct its technical assistance, training, and programmatic work. Today, the CFA counts on three WGs.
Over the past three years, the Environmental Funds Working Group has focused on supporting environmental funds as a mechanism for conservation finance. It has been responsible for producing the standard-setting “Rapid Review of Conservation Trust Funds” and an annual review of fund investment performance (CTIS). And for 2010, the participants of this WG and its African Environmental Funds Committee have new projects in the pipeline.
The other two CFA WGs have been recently formed: the Innovative Finance Mechanisms Working Group, dedicated to research about and application of non-traditional financing mechanisms to meet conservation objectives, and the Protected Areas Financing Working Group, which will advance global thinking and planning for sustainable financing of protected area systems. 
All CFA members are welcome to join as many WGs as they're interested in. Each WG convenes meetings on a monthly basis, usually by conference calls, organized by the CFA Secretariat.



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