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African Environmental Funds Committee

Created in November 2008 within the Environmental Funds Working Group, the African Environmental Funds Committee (AEFC) provides a forum for dialogue and action to exchange experience, promote and provide technical assistance relative to environmental funds (EFs) in Africa.

To this end, the AEFC pursues the following main objectives:

  • disseminate information on existing and future EFs in Africa, and analyze conditions under which EFs can best perform in Africa;
  • develop a network of expertise and tools to respond to requests for technical support by African EFs;
  • structure exchanges of experience and support the creation of an ad-hoc forum for African EFs

Today, approximately 80% of the conservation trust funds in Africa are members of the committee. As part of the joined actions being agreed and to further catalyse the network of expertise and propose tools to respond to requests for technical support by African EFs, a physical meeting of managers of African EFs and EF initiatives was organized in 2010. The main outcomes of this event can be found in the report "Joining Forces: the Dakar Meeting of African Environmental Funds".

In 2011, the first CAFE Assembly - Consortium of African Funds for the Environment was held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In this occasion, the 16 attending African EFs signed a declaration commiting to the creation of the CAFE network and its mission and vision. Read the full meeting report



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